Ruben Ter-Minasyan

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Ruben Ter-Minasyan

Ruben Ter-MInasyan (Armenian: Ռուբեն Տեր-Մինասյան; Russian: Рубен Тер-Минасян) (1882-1951) - prominent Armenian public figure, occupied position of minister of Defense in Democratic Republic of Armenia, member of Dashnaktsutsyun Party. Real name Minas.



Ruben Ter-Minasyan was born in Javakhk district of Armenian Gugark region, currently included in Republic of Georgia.

In 1894 being 11 years old boy in a group of young children including Artashes Chilingaryan (Ruben Darbinyan) he took weapons, gunpowder, and choosing alternative names from books of famous Armenian novelist Raffi, them started for Western Armenia to help compatriots in their fight. Children were stopped half way and returned, but the children's intention to join Armenians in their struggle was typical for Eastern Armenians of that period. A song was written on the episode, which the boys were singing in future.

Ruben Ter-Minasyan studied in Gevorgyan seminary in Echmiadzin, later continued education in Lazarev institute of Eastern Languages in Moscow and University of Geneva.

In 1904 on his way to Western Armenia he visited Persia and met a number of prominent Armenian fedayis there.

Being sent to Western Armenian by ARF Bureau in 1906 actively participated hayduk movement in Western Armenia, was member of Nikol Duman group, and later member of Gevorg Chavush group. In 1906 in Taron he convinced Spaghantsi Makar and Gevorg Chavush to stop separate actions and prepare all-Armenian revolt.

On May 27, 1907 he participated Sulukh battle.

In August 1914 he participated negotiation with Turks in Erzrum, who were trying to find out the position of Armenians in case of Russian invasion, claiming that the success of Turkey in Caucasus campaign fully depend of position of Armenians. Turks were expecting Armenian support of Turkish actions and promised in case of victory an Armenian autonomy in Van, Bitlis, Erzrum, Kars, Yerevan and Elizavetpol provinces. But having bitter experience Armenian refused Turkish proposal being sure, that like Turkish promises during Young Turk revolution in 1908, these ones would bring to nothing.

In 1915 he led Sasun self-defense, breaking defense of the enemy took the Armenians out to Manazkert.

In 1917-1918 he had valuable impact in support of refugees from Western to Eastern Armenia.

As prominent Dashnaktsutyun member Ruben Ter-Minasyan participated a number of ARF congresses. In September-October 1917 he was elected as member of Armenian National Council headed by Avetis Aharonyan.

In Democratic Republic of Armenia he was member of the National Assembly.

In May 1920 he was appointed as Minister of Defense and led punitive actions against participants of May revolt. He worked till September when Turkish army entered Armenia.

According to the protocol on ceacefire signed between representative of Russia Legrand and government of Armenia in June 1920 Ruben Ter-Minasyan ordered Armenian army located in Zangezur and led by Garegin Njdeh and Drastamat Kanayan move to Yerevan leaving Zangezur. But the order was not implemented by Njdeh, who wrote Ruben Ter-Minasyan that he is not sure of the intentions of Russian and Tatar (Azeri) forces.

After Soviet occupation of Armenia, he stayed in Syunik for some time and later together with Garegin Njdeh army moved south to Iran.

Ruben Ter-Minasyan died in 1951.


Ruben Ter-Minasyan is author of «Memories of Armenian revolutionary» 7 volumes (1951-1952).

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Ruben Ter-Minasyan
Ruben Ter-Minasyan
Ruben Ter-Minasyan
Defense Minister of Republic of Armenia
PrecededIn officeSucceeded
Christophor AraratovMay, 1920 - September, 1920Drastamat Kanayan
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